SCC 2012 Fixtures list

Linseed, mmmmm

My comrades, so many apologies I must heap upon the silence of the last few months. But i have had to deal with poop and only now do I feel worthy enough to rise up and provide you with some deal of premiership worth something more than not much at all! I stand before you, humble, as humble in quantity as Simon Cowell stands in arrogance before the world’s stage – so that’s really quite humble.

However, whilst the world was turning and mine was weaving, I did manage to get together the fixtures list for this year and that will follow. But first some other things of note:

  1. Comrade Commissar, Soldya Grandma (Dan March) will be on the telephone to you very soon for your subs. It’s changed this year, remember? You did read the minutes didn’t you, comrade? £40.00 is membership. Half goes immediately to charity – Royal Marsden and Parkinson’s . The other pays for all of the fun that has to get organised, the phone calls, the admin, the website, the stress, the preparing of orders for kit!!
  2. A full outline of this years Commissars is coming and their duties, so comrades, make use of them!
  3. Website improvements looming – Greater interaction, more pictures, comments etc.
  4. Kit design debate to be had.
  5. Inaugural drinks for 2012 – When, comrades. When?
  6. Outdoor nets begin very soon.
  7. Possible Lord’s training TBC.

But let’s go to this year’s fixtures list: PLEASE SEE EVENTS FOR LATEST NEWS – NOT THIS!




 6th August 2012  Lindfield CC  Lindfield, Sussex
 19th May 2012  PSCC v SCC  Pen Street
 24th May 2012  Mixed Royal Marsden v SCC  Surrey
 2nd June 2012  The Wheazers v SCC  Belmont House, Kent
 24th June 2012  VCC v SCC  Guest ground in Suffolk
 13th July 2012  Quantel v SCC  Welford Ground, Newbury
 12th August 2012  Ryde CC v SCC  Isle of Wight
 2nd September 2012  SCC v Chesham Bois CC  SCC Hyde Park – TBC
 15th September 2012  NFTS v SCC  Pen Street

As you see – more games than last year and some great venues. Still two to confirm and one home-ground to book (Hyde Park I think, with marquees!) … but none the less, a very Soho amount of Cricket!

More to come comrades … BUT RESERVE THOSE DATES

yours in Comrade Commissar Premier’ness,


Forthcoming Attractions

SCC at Brockley

Comrades, the season is drawing to a close. We have a match versus the NFTS on the 17th September, some Lord’s academy training and then an AGM and drinks before the winter closes down around us and all we can do is sharpen our sickles and drink Borscht from our workers boots. Sorry workers. You will get them back in the morning.

This season will close with a bang though as we shall be planning for the next. So some news to spread amongst yourselves and pass down the howling corridors of the Cricket Bureau:

  • VCC were considering a final game with us for the year on Sunday, September 25th. Can we find a team, can we find a venue? Comrade Andropoff of Sewellski, what about that new pavilion and pitch you found?
  • Lord’s cricket academy now confirmed for the end of October. Full details to follow but we have space for 18 members and will have three nets. One is for practice and loitering, one has a bowling machine and instructor and one has an instructor for your batting! This will be a great fun event and will sharpen off the year nicely. Price to fixed this week but if you didn’t pay your subs, you will be paying more.
  • AGM date to be confirmed soon. This will again be at the Union club and will involve drinks and a full agenda. If you have something you wish discussed then please get thinking now.
  • Fixtures: Next years list of hopefuls will be brought out soon. Please advise if you have a hopeful fixture, BUT please make sure you have details and contacts.

Comrades, watch these spaces and hang on your inbox!



Lord's Nets

Nets #7 is at Lords’ Cricket Academy.
THURSDAY 15th September
17:00 – 19:00
North Gate, Wellington Road

Only open to those who have confirmed their places for the 17th versus NFTS i am afraid and then, only six places available.

The end of season training at THE LORDS’ CRICKET ACADEMY is another thing and i will blog this weekend about that!!!

So… Please read Lords’ terms below as you need to know what these things – you do!!


Lords' Academy Bar



Nets #7 is:
Thursday 15th September 2011
17:00 – 19:00
North Gate, Wellington Road
Attendance: £7.00


Yuri Pedeez – Phil
Ilyeva Lunch-hour – Oli
Soldya – Dan March
Robski – Rob
Hudski – Menhaj Huds

WITHDRAWN: Cobramovich – Tim G

5 Indoor sports footwear, preferably white, to be worn in the nets.
Footwear with heavily ridged, studded or spiked soles is NOT permitted on the playing surface.
6 Conventional white cricket clothing to be worn.
Visitors are reminded that track suits and shorts may NOT be worn in the nets.
7 Players are expected to provide their own cricket equipment, including cricket balls.
8 Maximum of SIX players in a net at any one time. This condition is essential for the safety of all net users and non-adherence
will result in termination of the booking for persistent offenders.

12 Attendance at the Academy does not entitle admission to any other part of Lord’s Cricket Ground.
13 It is imperative that cricket equipment should not be left in the nets nor should batsmen pad up in the nets.
14 Visitors are asked to not practice outside the nets.
15 MOBILE PHONES: Should be kept switched off around the netting area.

17 We regret that we cannot be responsible for lost or stolen property, neither can we be held responsible for any injury incurred,
so please be careful at all times.
18 Please do not bring CHEWING GUM to the Academy.
19 Failure to comply with any of these conditions may result in cancellation of bookings.