CHARITY TEAMS v SCC : David Adams Appeal, Royal Marsden


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Comrades… I now have growing interest but I cannot wait till next Friday for the final takers. Come, show me your balls and put them where your mouth is… it’s for charity and a good cause, comrades in leather and willow.

Full details are below so read on, Mac’Nitschkin

Players so far are:

  1. Yuri Pedeez (aka me, he who can be ignored)
  2. Ilyeva Lunch-hour (Oli)
  3. Comrade Longarm Off-telore (Rob Dixon)
  4. Andropov If-Yernotcareful (Andrew Sewell)
  5. Count Yafingers (Tim Richardson)
That is the half of the number required for me and the SCC bank to not lose money. Full details of the event are below but please CALL ME IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS, or email me, or throw fine Russian Cabbage at my window, or light fires and send Cossacks with a message.


Previously on ER:

Comrades! There are four amongst us that have shown real balls, determination and moral fibre of highest spirit: Andrew Sewell, Rob Dixon, Olivier and myself Yuri.


What did they do, comrades?
They said that they want to pay and play at The Grace Cup Challenge, all in aid of charity –

The David Adams Leukaemia Appeal

Whilst cared for at Royal Marsden Hospital, David Adams, despite his terminal illness campaigned vigorously for the hospital, one of our chosen charities.)

How can I have balls this special?
You can say yes too! But I must, must, must know in the next few days. Please, comrades, I implore you as your premier, show a soul, show me your card and let’s see your balls! This is what you have to do:

  • Take a day off work on Thursday 24th May 2012 – get in!!
  • Turn up to the magnificent Bank of England Sports Ground, SW15 at 10:00
  • Enjoy a whole day of cricket, food, socialising, fun and A GREAT SENSE OF GOOD DEED
  • Take out your bank card NOW and make a payment of £150.00 to the details below which is the SCC’s bank account.
    • The SCC are not profiterring! All of this money goes straight to the charity and helps Leukaemia research and the Royal Marsden.
  • EMAIL me immediately to say yes – you have balls and have paid up! I shall reserve your place. Only six left.



Bookings are closed for this event.

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