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SCC Awards 2019

Friday 8th November saw the SCC comrades gather in Soho for our end of season drinks and awards. As you can see, the grand recipient of the SCC’s much prized Cobramovich trophy for the Comrades’ comrade went to our Soldya, Dan March. Congratulations all round!

The night was a glorious success and the glitz and glamour positively dribbled from the walls of the Woolworths derilict store room within which such an august event was held. Full list of winners is here:

Cobramovich trophy: Soldya, Dan March
Most runs: Malikovich, Malik Suleman
Most wickets: Soldya, Dan March
Wicket Keeping merit: Brandonovski, Pete Brandon
Captaincy merit: Jontin, Jonathan Savitt
Most improved: Soldya, Dan March

Yes, Soldya received three awards. … that happened.

Bless all you, comrades!

Greenaway’esque image of Soldya as he celebrates in Bradley’s Spanish bar, Soho.
This is the last known image of the trophy with two handles.

LCC v SCC 2nd August 2019


TeamRunsWickets LostOversOutcome
Soho Cricket Collective121934Draw
Lindfield Cricket Club202836Draw

Soho Cricket Collective

Player Runs Balls 4s 6s Overs Maidens R Wickets

Lindfield Cricket Club

Runs Balls 4s 6s Overs Maidens R Wickets
Below is by way of a match report! Please check out the stats, commentary and images too for a full picture. As recorded by captain of the day on WhatsApp, Jonathan Savvit: “Captaining the SCC is like looking after school kids on a night out. My wife observed that they ran and we didn’t !I explained the age gap of some 40 years in general may have contributed to this. Well done to all for a noble hard fought draw. Apologies to the Tsar for negative comments during his one over spell. He was right and we were wrong. Siberia beckons. Superb commentary by the Tsar in very much Aggers style. Hero of the match was the Tsar facing one ball to secure the draw.” Ed: Crawler Commentary by Yuri – You know, anybody else is welcome to contribute, it will all go in!  
Long walk in
Sewelski discussed
Sixty neuf
LCCvSCC_2Aug2019 LCCinnings
LCCvSCC_2Aug2019 SCCinnings


Date Time League Season
2 August 2019 13:00 Not a league 2019


Lindfield CC
Rushden Road, Sandon, North Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire, East of England, England, SG9 0QJ, United Kingdom