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TACC v SCC Saturday 23rd May 2021



Soho Cricket Collective14825.0Win


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Soho Cricket Collective

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Date Time League Season
23 May 2021 13:00 Not a league 2021


Abbey Rec ground
Morden Rd, London SW19 3BL

MATCH REPORT Lindfield CC v SCC 8th August 2014

SCC won by 7 runs over 40 over match
SCC scoring 215 for 3
LCC scoring 208 for 5


Comrades! How special is this blog? It is very special! We won a 40 over match at Stoke Row but for various reasons, there was a slight odour that clinged to the result, caused by a small crack in the understanding of our motto. The following match was a tight and fascinating 20/20 tie and then time led us south to Sussex and to Lindfield Cricket Club – the village being my birthplace and home for many years until lured to London. Our annual fixture at Lindfield then, is laced with history, happy memories and challenge, for they rarely put out a poor eleven.

Our captain for the day was Comrade Commissar Captain Jontin (who also labours under the pseudonym of Jonathan Savitt). Again, an appointment that was most weighty in its nature, for last year, his captaincy at the same fixture was only half complete as the weather swept us away. Would that happen this year? Well it felt a little uncertain but rest assured, we got the game completed.

Completed? No, that doesn’t sum up the match at all! WE WON – WE BLOODY WON!! And we did it the hard way too. We batted first and notched up a good total for us. Then we fielded, lost direction and then had to pull ourselves together to stop them reaching our tally. Superb comradery, captaincy and determination – I salute you all comrades. So from here I want to hand the job of match reporting to our skipper, Jontin:

“Comrades. I would like to thank each and everyone of you for an outstanding effort at Lindfield. This was indeed a fine cricket match played in exactly the right spirit. To win in increasing gloom made it all the sweeter. Despite some minor ‘whipping’ required in my aristocratic capacity as captain – when after 20 overs the oppo were 126 – 2 – the reaction was extraordinary with all players participating in preventing the opposition gaining success. I am sure Yuri will highlight some of the outstanding individual performances when he finds the moment to offer a match report. But Dagliev for his record breaking ton, Hooperov for a well timed additional half century were exceptional. In the field everyone performed but special mention to Chipmonski for removing their youthful bludgeoning opener. Soldya for 6 beautiful overs plus a catch at a timely moment. Cobramovich for smashing mints everywhere.”

Cobramovich likes to mints

Cobramovich likes to mints

“In addition Yankerov for again bowling two outstanding spells and Yuri who I never lost faith with, Robski behind the stumps in total gloom was a marvel. But for me the entire spirit of the SCC was summed up by Sewlski who did everything humanly possible in the field to prevent runs along with Charlie in with boundary defying brilliance.”

“…and then there was myself. It is simply enough for me to say to all of you a gracious thank you for a wonderful few hours of cricket – before the heavens opened after the match had concluded. Let cricket be the winner maybe….but certainly the Soho Collective.”

We salute you comrade commissar captain, Jontin!

Do Svidaniya!

LCC v SCC 2014 LCC innings
LCC v SCC 2014 LCC innings


LCC v SCC 2014 Our innings


Stoke Row CC
Stoke Row CC

SCC won by 33 Runs with 148 all out

SRCC at 115 runs all out
40 over match timed match



Stoke Row CC is a brand new fixture and came out of our great game at Stonor a couple of years ago. It’s a very pretty village and the ground is neatly filed at the top of the high street and conveniently close to a very nice pub – our kind of ground! Surrounded by trees and beneath a warm sky of dark, flat clouds and sunshine, the weather behaved itself and we got under way.

Skipper Jontin

Under the fine skipperage of comrade commissar Jontin, we set to the game. It’s true that comrade commissar Jontin is a firm hand upon the tiller, it’s true that he is stiff of voice and firm in approach, but there is no doubt that he is the right man to be stiff and firm once taken in hand.

Taking guard together was opener Marx-B and Yankheroff. The former was to settle in for a good long stretch, but sadly not Yankheroff. Caught May off Roberts. Marx was in true form and not off anywhere in a hurry.

Up to the crease followed Busteroff adding 9 to the score and then Conbramovich. This fine gentleman of cricket was to be seen scampering back and forth with Marx, each passing each other in a graceful manner. However after adding 13 he was taken by A.Roberts.

Twizzle showed great flash and panache and knocked up a commendable 32. This was a great addition and put a slight air of unrest amongst the oppo. He was eventually LBW to Kimber, but this knock put us up on the map.

Another knock of note is 17 scored by Soldya. Great ball placement and a vigorous demeanor. So when finally we were all NINE out for 148, I feel we had a made a fairly good bash.

Doleful Soldya
Soldya preparing for his knock

And now for tea – THE VICTORIA SPONGE was gorgeous!

Bowling opened with Yankheroff and myself, Yuri. It took a while to work ourselves up into a stew, but we kept good economy and kept their run rate down. And then the wood began to tumble. Yankheroff was outstanding and  bowled two, LBW another caught another later on!

I obliged with a niggley wicket and my new and amusing skippy run-up. Caused souly by my lack of effort in measuring out my run! But talking of run-ups, Soldya provided just what the atmosphere required – a breath taking run up of 100 yards! That had everyone tittering and remembering the point of an amateur Sunday XI game – fun.

Say what
He called me a what?

Hats off to Twizzle – Skipper advised him to lower his pace below 80mph and he took it down to 79.8 – which was generous!! He slammed into the wickets of May, Roberts and Kimber and those balls that didn’t hit the stumps, were later found in Middlesex.

Chipmonkski was wicky for the majority of the match and made great work with his hands and I must also commend skipper Jontin for helping scoring whilst i made my brief journey to the crease.

We got them all out on the 30th over leaving them on 115.

Comrades, from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of us all who form the SCC, I say congratulations and thank you. May we preserve forever the memory of this game in our hearts for it showed us that victory is possible for us, that comradery is a key element to our play and that if we lose sight of FUN in our team, we lose the point in playing at all.



SCC_innings_V_StokeRow 2014
SRCC innings 2014 Stoke row
SRCC innings 2014 Stoke row