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Match Report : Chesham Bois CC versus SCC Sunday 1st September 2013

40 overs, 8 overs/bowler.
CBCC win by 6 wickets. Scoring 225 runs.
SCC 196 all out

Chesham Bois CC pitch
Chesham Bois CC pitch

Well comrades, that’s the kind of numbers we don’t see very often. Indeed, I think that maybe our highest score – time will tell as I delve into our records. Yes, I know we lost – I mean come on. We know our motto, we our know our ethos. To us it is the fun and the comradery and the hope of a win. Today we achieved all of those things and more and that makes me a happy Premier and I hope the SCC proud too?

The Count

We had a very different team in make up too. A big welcome goes out to The Count Oblonskaya – Owen Sewellski, Son of Andropov Sewellski and first time in the field for a whole match. Not an easy feat for a pre-teen – we salute you! (Admittedly his nickname is a mix of Tolstoy’s characters, but who’s complaining? You talking to me? Yeah, you… If Tolstoy has a problem he can roll in his grave! Incidentally, Tolstoy’s grave can be found here.

Chesham Bois were into bat first. Our Captain Marx gathered us up and in we went. Our field looked new and vital. Faces for the day and special guests Kelly Lunn and Jerry Canifyouneedoneski. Founder member Dil Dhillonoffsky was back amongst the fold and 2013 new blood, Tomsk (Tom Mayhew). Bowling opened with our usual bowlers of myself and Brother Chipmunkski. We withered away at them for 12 overs shared for 38 and 42 but Withams and Holloway were reluctant to be out. How annoying! With more yelling in the field and brotherly encouragement we pushed on to the new blood of Lunov and Twizzle (Tristanoff). This certainly was an increase in pace and the put masses of pressure on until Withams was caught for 61 off Lunov – who held it? I don’t know.

Big Stretch for Robski
Big Stretch for Robski

Great figures for Lunov with 18 off 8 with 1 wicket to boot. Twizzle not far ahead with 12 off 8 and 4 maidens – as if scoring runs is an illegal activity! Well done you two. Bowling then carried through to Dhillofski, Soldya and Tomsk – 23, 57 and 18 off 4,6 and 2 respectively. BUT a superb Golden duck wicket for Soldya on the last ball. Their wickets were retired: J.Holloway, 2 run outs for Beeson & Hazelhurst and of course, Golden Duck for L.Saunders.

A very hospitable Tea followed, very nice folk at Chesham it has to be said. I like the tactic of weighing down the wanderers with delicious cake – but in this instance, it backfires as we like to languish as the un-victorious anyway, so we achieve success AND eat cake!

As we slotted into bat, Dil and Marx strolled out. The latter amply supported by his most encouraging of sons, Twizzle. Dil solidly provided 25 until caught off Saunders (get used to that name). But Marx was defiant and was making a good exterior toilet facility impression, that made of bricks. He and Tomsk were now plying their trade. Lovely to see Tomsk amongst us, in particular his fast swivelling stroke.

Captain Marx
Captain Marx

At 6pm, Marx was strolling back, caught off Saunders. His score 27. Our praise for his dots may earn a new Dorothy award – we shall see. Robski was now with Tomsk but unfortunately briefly – shame as we love the Robski drive (caught off Saunders – aha! Getting the pattern?) Twizzle next for an 8 minute knock before being Run-Out – Saunders. The guest Lunov to join Tomsk. Good bowling from this comrade and batting too. As Tomsk left (A delicious 44, thank you!) – Lunov and Soldya were present.  The former finally departed by L.Saunders (different!) for a very useful 33 and now The Count. Young Sewellski  strolled to the crease with admirable determination and grit – all the pain of a classic Andropov Stop now going from his memory, he was ready to bat. And a fine beginning to his career he had. In total facing 12 balls and scoring his first ever run. Well done Comrade!

Yuri for a change - in bat!
Yuri for a change – in bat!

Chipmunkski and Yuri came up the rear but despite the former adding 23 to the total before being bowled P.Withams, we had not achieved our goal by 29 runs. But a high score for us and as i review the stats soon, you can all see for yourselves. Big thanks to our hosts of course who are very welcoming and have a nice pitch for us to play on. Many thanks to the all of those were in our team and especially congratulations and welcome to The Count, Owen Sewellski.

It’s a lovely little fixture that nods goodnight to the season and leaves us all with a feeling of joy with a tinge of sadness. But the greeting is very warm and the pitch very sweet, so we shall hopefully be back next year.

Do Svidaniya!




CBCC v SCC Chesham B innings 2013
CBCC v SCC Chesham B innings 2013

CBCC v SCC SCC innings 2013
CBCC v SCC SCC innings 2013

2012 End of season Awards!

Cobramovich celebrates award

Comrades, dear Comrades!

We have indeed drawn a firm black line under the season’s official events. There may be a net before the year closes but no more games and no further socials either. But what joy was gleaned from Prosecco, good company, awards and merit and the great comradery of the SCC for our end of season drinkums.

Pogo Films sponsored the event with help from The Union Club providing us space to celebrate and cheer! All other contributions were from you yourselves, the finest cricketing comrades to ever walk the streets of Soho. Our home ground may well be the distant pastures of Suffolk or the closer, wild-life and midge infested plains of Regent’s Park, but our stomping grounds of celebration are firmly set in Soho and long may it last.

A turn out of more than a team with Umpires and scorers too, so a great success. Faces in the crowd too many to mention or remember but some new faces and those rarely seen; Looking forward to seeing more of Hudski (Menhaj Huda) next year and some more fixtures with Nickolai Nastarov (John Altman)

“But what about the prizes?” I hear none of you whimper. Here then are the results:

  • Most Runs Scored throughout 2012: SAMOVAR (Sam Kankanamge)
  • Most Wickets taken by bowling 2012: SOLDYA GRANMA FORRAFIVER (Dan March)
  • Most catches by a fielder 2012: SOLDYA GRANMA FORRAFIVER (Dan March)
  • Most catches by a Wicket Keeper 2012: ROBSKI (Rob Dixon)
  • Most Improved comrade 2012: SEWELLSKI (Andrew Sewell)
  • Captaincy Merit awards: COBRAMOVICH, MARX-B, YURI (Tim Graham, Mark Blacklegde, Philip Richardson)
  • And finally, The Soho Cricket Collective’s Comrades’ Comrade Samovar Trophy went to COBRAMOVICH (Tim Graham)

This latter award was richly deserved by Cobramovich, who despite ties in many quarters holds the finest of Collectivist qualities, provided great guidance on the field and is also our most splendid comrade commissar of Cultural Affairs. It was close, may I add, one point each separated the top comrades. But there can be no doubt in Cobramovich’s worthiness and delight in receiving this splendid, if somewhat bloody heavy, award! Hurrah, comrade commissar!

From my humble self, the comrade commissar premier of the SCC to all comrades, to all those who played for and supported us and to all those with whom we battled, my most heart felt of thank you’s and may we all meet, play and celebrate again in the next season – SCC 2013!

Semper Sodales, Fors et Victores

Do svidaniya!


Match Report: Stonor CC v SCC 15th September 2012

Lenin in Stonor

Stonor CC win by 7 wickets scoring 219
SCC all out for 95
Timed match

Comrades, it is almost unbelievable that our last match of the season has been played. I am so upset, I haven’t yet even opened my kit bag to clean my whites. However, Mrs. Yuri will no doubt soon be bend my ear to do so. Still, as the season has to end, it could not have ended with a more beautiful, exciting and friendly fixture as this. Stonor CC came as manner from a communist heaven (Minsk?) to replace the dissolved fixture with the NFTS. It will be back next year, but so will Stonor, I hope! Thanks to The Fixture List for tipping me the nod,  cocking me a wink or wibbling me wobble.

Strolling out into the Valley of the living, gazed down on by Red Kites and Dear from the valley’s soft, encompassing hills, one was filled with a desire to play smashing cricket and be jolly hearted and hopeful. Cobramovich captained and won the toss and put the oppo into bat, we were off.

Collings and Powell strolled purposefully out into their field of battle, the SCC gathering themselves to play. The sun was bright and hot and the bowling opened with myself and Antonov. I had bowled two balls to dot, then on my third, Collings made a playful swoosh and edged the ball high and into the grateful and sticky hands of our comrade, Andropov Sewelski. An amazing start. I felt quite bad, being so familiar to the batsman’s situation myself, but Andropov and I will bathe in the wicket, thank you very much!

Replacing Collings was Left hander, Nicholson. Reviewing the scorecard I realise that I almost had exclusive use of Nicholson with few other bowlers getting a go at him. Although he had much more use of me than him. Antonov held down Powell quite well on the other side but it took until an unfortunate 49 for Antonov to get a snick and provide Robski with a great double catch at the wicket. A very valuable bat to take.

Deanov delivers

Antonov had 6 overs for 32 runs and a wicket, nice and economic compared to my 8 for 48 and 1. Much improved results from Antonov mark well for next season whereas my plans for round-the-wicket slip catching may go back on hold. KanKan and Chipmonkski were soon bowling. The former once again coming in like a Steam Roller and the Chipmonkski with his punishing demi-loft, lengthy nibble-off-the bails bowl. Though neither Nicholson or Mayo fell, KanKan had 24 off 6 overs and Chipmonkski, 31 from his first 4 over spell.

Jontin now presented his sterling, communist self at the crease and on his second over, suckered the unsuspecting, though already comfortable at 64 Powell into pitching the ball hard and high on the offside towards the pavilion. What followed, comrades, was a cross between a balletic pirouette and side step, an elegant presentation of both arms above the head and a scooping up of the ball in both hands by Vladimir Boringski (aka Charlie). He took a tumble but came up ball in hand. Beautiful.

Aged Dad

Mayo retired hurt at 50 leaving Hunt and young S.Kimber to face Deanov and Chipmonkski on a second spell. Hunt achieved 30 and the young blood, 2 – but his first proper runs we are told, so collective hats off to him, comrades! Deanov’s 4 overs cost 28 and Jontin’s 6 for 45 and 1 wicket, don’t forget. Chipmonkski’s second spell of 2 overs for 2.

I find fielding first not to my liking, comrades. I was quite bushed and the thought of settling down to the scorecard and dotting up our batting was a relief. Something that we must improve at in capability. It helps your Maths and makes you a better cricketer, comrades. It would also mean you can avoid umpiring! If you avoid both umpiring and scoring then the polit bureau will be taking a close look at selection time.

Deanov and Vladimir Boringski opened for us. Agar and Denton bowling. Agar had three maidens in 7 overs and cost only 13 runs – so nice and tidy. It did mean that Deanov had to play tight and build up to his normal prowess. Vlad too was keeping it tidy but Denton had other ideas and on his 2nd over got Vlad LBW for 0. This brought Robski in.

Denton again took our comrade Robski and this time a wicket. At this point we were 7 for 3. Oh dear. Familiarity breeds contempt and this situation is utterly contemptuous. What we needed was steady dotting and Captain Cobramovich stepped up and in. There was peace and calming vibes. no more wickets now for forty five minutes and the score could slowly rise. Deanov beginning to scent blood and bone. A blade flashing for collective might. Cobramovich steeling his nerve.

“Another bat, premier?”

Denton and Agar had their spells and swapped out with Kimber and and Griffiths. Then Kimber jnr. and Collings. Now Deanov was off on a batting mission and we were up to 58. Captain Cobramovich was stumped off Griffiths slinking snake like back to the crease for 5. His return to the steps brought a sunken expression of “I know not to do that” but we were not down hearted. Brandonovski would keep Deanov company, and did so with similar style and grace as our captain. Dotting away like a pro.

Young Sam Kimber took his first grown up wicket (that is to say, a wicket of a grown-up not a fully developed set of stumps) off Deanov just after his 50. Brining in Samovar. Now both Kimber’s were bowling but it was young Kimber again who snaffled Brandonovski by enabling a catch in the field after he had dotted 27 balls, so well done. Poor Andropov very rapidly fell to young Kimber too, caught and bowled.

Disarray in the ranks! Samovar out for 13 to Sam’s father, Antonov in and out in five minutes being bowled Collings. Jontin was now keeping Chipmonksi company and he made a fine communist, if somewhat aristocratically compromised dot of it. Chipmonkski was bowled Denton and so in I popped as tail end Charlie. I padded one ball and then let Jontin face. But we we weren’t there for too much longer as Denton bowled Jontin next over. We were all out for 95. Another SCC batting experience with high points and many, many low points.

Brothers in scoring.
Especially fond of my box on the table

High points with the bat are Deanov’s 50 then some stoical “staying in” and slowing the rot by captain Cobramovich and Jontin. But joining these usual suspects were two splendid additions to the “I can stay in the crease” gang, Brandonovski and Chipmonkski. Well done comrades, sometimes for these timed games, staying in is worth a hell of a lot.

comrade Vladimir Boringski

A very great day in the delightful Stonor Park and great weather too. Great thanks to all at Stonor for their hospitality and art work in the changing rooms(!).  Well done to young Sam Kimber for playing so well and to our splendid support from young Owen Sewelski stepping in early on to cover some late players. Boooh to the traffic in Henley!

…But a big thanks to all of us comrades for making this final match and the whole season so enjoyable and mutually splendid. A finer bunch of cricketing, communistic styled, soho based, media professionals and dependants you will not meet. Unless you do of course. In which case… ATTACK!

Your very devoted comrade commissar Premier, Yuri.


As ever, the scorecards are below!

spcc-v-scc-15-sep-2012-usStonor CC innings spcc-v-scc-15-sep-2012-themSCC innings